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I have found working with Nina to be extremely helpful with not only my ability with both piano and voice but also my confidence levels as I have had lots of performance opportunities and help from Nina to find techniques that make performing easier for me.
Erin Fletcher (piano student)
Performer and Entertainer
Nina has really been a dream to work with. I came into this business with barely any acting experience and I was very determined on improving and working on my craft. Nina's lessons have really opened my eyes and taught me so much.
Tommy Hatto (drama student)
Performer and Entertainer
Nina is a star! Her teaching style and conscientiousness have greatly helped me to be more creative with my compositions and also sped up my workflow.​
Wave City Bay (Keyboard and music theory student)
DJ / Producer
Nina’s lessons gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams, the skills to manage auditions, approach casting directors, and identity how to use my strengths and weaknesses to the best of my ability.
Sarah Latimer (singing student)
Performer and Entertainer

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