Student Testimonials

I’m Shania and I’m a Dancer and Singer. After spending the majority of my life training in dance I made the decision to peruse my secret passion of singing, I came to Nina to have my first ever vocal lessons, not only did I learn amazing technique and expand my vocal range, I also gained incredible confidence, her methods of coaching are special, comforting and so motivating and I saw improvements instantly. A few years on and I’ve now performed for 5 Thousand people in Wembley Arena with my girl band Lemonade, none of this would have happened without Nina for that I am so thankful, I couldn’t recommend her enough x
Shania (singing and piano student from 2013-2016)
Writer and Session Artist
My name is Tommy Hatto and I work as an actor. I've been very lucky to have been given some great opportunities to work and act alongside some incredible actors and be a part of some recognisable projects. Nina has really been a dream to work with. I came into this business with barely any acting experience and I was very determined on improving and working on my craft. Nina's lessons have really opened my eyes and taught me so much. One of the most valuable things I've learnt is through the expression of not just dialogue, but through our bodies. Working on camera the majority of the time, you only really focus on what's on screen but letting our whole bodies flow, regardless whether it's on screen or not, really excels the performance you're giving.
Tommy Hatto (drama student from 2016-2017)
Born and raised in Swindon, then moved to Coventry for 3 years to do my degree and I left with a Second Class First Division Honours Degree in Popular Music and Worship. My lessons I had with Hikari Arts made me realise that I could enjoy what I loved to do. Over my younger years, I was told I should stop singing by a friend and that really effected me. At my singing lessons, I felt relaxed, cared for, and that my teacher had my best interests at heart. I'd recommended anyone to come and have lessons with you.
Georgia Martin (singing student from 2012-2014)
I have been performing from a young age and have been interested in music for the same amount of time. I am now completing a Performing Arts course at Bath College and hope to go into a creative industry in which I can use the skills I have gained from my lessons. I have found working with Nina to be extremely helpful with not only my ability with both piano and voice but also my confidence levels as I have had lots of performance opportunities and help from Nina to find techniques that make performing easier for me.
Erin Fletcher (piano student from 2011-2018)
Theatre Maker
I’m Joel and I am a DJ/Music Producer. I am currently working with songwriters, singers and rappers and producing remixes in the music industry. Nina is a star! When I first came to her I explained that I struggled with chords and music theory. I found it hard to translate the music from my head to the keyboard. After a few lessons, I feel I have greatly improved my understanding of the connection between scales and chords. Nina’s teaching style and conscientiousness have greatly helped me to be more creative with my compositions and also speed up my workflow.
Wave City Bay (piano student in 2018)
DJ / Producer
I took vocal lessons with Nina for 2 years before I left to further my musical education at college. I am so glad I decided to study with Nina as she really pushed me to come out of my shell and discover my potential. These lessons allowed me to realise that I wanted to further my career in music and I am now studying songwriting in Brighton and experimenting by pushing my creative boundaries and understanding myself more as an artist.
Jordan Anscombe (singing student from 2014-2016)
My name is Sarah Latimer, I’m 20 year old, and I am a performer/entertainer. Since finishing lessons with Nina I have taught children drama and dance in Los Angeles, been a character performer at Nickelodeon Land in Blackpool Pleasure Beach, been a Redcoat at Butlins Minehead, and worked as a children party entertainer. I am now auditioning for places such as Disney and TUI. Nina’s lessons gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams, the skills to manage auditions, approach casting directors, and identity how to use my strengths and weaknesses to the best of my ability. Without Nina’s wonderful positivity, extensive knowledge, and passion for her business I would not be where I am today. Thank you very much Nina! Xx
Sarah Latimer (singing student in 2015)
Dino (aged 12 at the time) decided that he would like to audition to study full-time at Tring Park School for the Perfoming Arts for the Theatre Arts Course. Nina was an inspirational teacher giving encouragement throughout the lessons. Dino was offered one of only two available Scholarships for that period at Tring Park. Dino is now in his 4th year at Tring and loves every minute of it. I have no doubt that without Nina’s help he would not have achieved the Scholarship and would like to say a really BIG Thank You to Nina and Hikari Arts.
Clare Fantini-Stephens (singing and drama student from 2014-2015)
Dino's Mum

Teacher & Team Testimonials

“A really enjoyable experience. It’s great to work in such a friendly environment with a such a caring team of staff. The actual location of the school is great – it’s central, making it accessible for all people around Swindon; and the rooms are perfect for teaching and the layout of equipment and teaching resources is all very organised.”
Piano Teacher from 2015-2020
"Working for Hikari Arts is so rewarding and the team are lovely, I would happily work there again."
Studio and Admin Assistant from 2022-2023
“I have really enjoyed teaching here and would definitely recommend”
Music Teacher from 2017-2019
“It has been great working here, I am happy that I have been given the chance to learn to teach and share my passion for music”.
Mun Yee
Piano Teacher from 2016-2019
"I really enjoyed my time working as a drama teacher here and would highly recommend to anyone looking at the teaching industry! I developed skills in organisation, creativity, time keeping and so much more! If I could do this job for the rest of my life then I would, it’s such a lovely job and all the staff around are friendly and supportive”.
Drama Teacher in 2016
*I enjoyed my time at Hikari Arts, and I can’t fault the management. Nina makes a wonderful ‘manager’ and she is always happy to help. Hikari Arts is a wonderful place that allows people of all ages and abilities to flourish, while having fun at the same time. I’m so happy to have been a part of it, as a student and teacher and I will be back at student showings to say hello!”
Singing Teacher from 2015-2016
“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time teaching here. The people I’ve met and experience gained will always be remembered”.
Singing Teacher from 2016-2018
"I thoroughly enjoyed my time working at Hikari Arts. Teaching in the arts is such a privilege and a truly fulfilling position, so it’s lovely to be able to do so in such an encouraging environment. Working alongside Nina was great and she was always there to offer advice and support when needed".
Piano and Singing Teacher from 2019-2021
"Hikari Arts is a fun filled, student focused school that has the students at the heart of every lesson. A very enjoyable work environment!"
Studio and Admin Assistant from 2018-2019
*I very much enjoyed working with Hikari Arts School because of the friendly staff and students. Nina was always welcoming and by my side the whole time supporting me, and it gave me the confidence I needed at that time as a young teacher and for that I thank her a lot.I also loved the structure of the lessons and it felt it helps the students to build their own independence, criticism and awareness which made them to become better players. I wish all the best of luck*!!!
Piano Teacher in 2020
"Hikari Arts is a wonderful place to work with lots of nice people with great diversity. Everyone is respecting each other, very friendly and willing to support others when required. Nina is a great employer who cares a lot about her employees and students".
Yean Khee
Piano Teacher from 2019-2021
"I loved teaching piano and singing at Hikari Arts. Lessons are held in a lovely, welcoming venue, in the centre of Swindon and is easily accessible. The staff are all wonderful, talented and so friendly; the well-being of the staff members is excellent. Nina is a caring, thoughtful and kind employer and has always been supporting and encouraging. Teaching for Hikari Arts was an amazing, valuable experience and I highly recommend joining the team!"
Piano and Singing Teacher from 2018-2019

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