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Why Every Opportunity Matters For Your Child

Nina's Story

When I was growing up I was the child who ‘had potential’. I was well behaved, worked hard and tried my best. Yet I seemed to only achieve ‘average results’. 

In the spring of 2003, I received some disappointing news. I had failed to secure a place at University for my subject choice. Instead I was offered a place on the performing arts degree course. I wasn’t sure whether to go for it or not. However since it was the only offer on the table, I accepted.

Fast forward to 3 years later, and I was the only drama student of the year to graduate with a 1st class honours degree. A year after that I went on to graduate with a Master Of Arts from a Russel Group university.

How did someone with seemingly ‘average’ results as a child, transition to someone with a Masters degree from one of the top 10 Universities in the UK? It wasn’t because I was the brightest, quickest or the most academic. It was because of the opportunities I was given. On a program of study I didn’t even originally apply for 🙂

Every opportunity for your child could be the one that makes a difference. Are you ready to give your child the opportunity for piano lessons?


The Turbo Keys Piano Program for 6-17 Year Olds

  • Turbo Keys is a once a week piano program for 6-17 year olds. It is designed to help students to move through their music books quickly, turbo speed their progress and help them to achieve their goals at a swift pace.
  • Because we help students to FEEL the music rather than THINK the music, children do not feel as though they are taking yet another boring academic subject. 

Would You Like These Opportunities For Your Child?

Tell Me More About What's Included?

Weekly Turbo Keys Lessons

This is the main way that students experience progress. Each week students learn all their music right there in the classroom. This means  more time to practice in the lessons, move through their books quicker, and turbo speed their progress!

Hikari Arts Annual ‘Student Superstar Showcase’ 

I never imagined seeing Henry taking part in such an event and he was clearly very proud of himself and loving taking part!!! It was such a joy for us to see.” – Studio Parent

Trinity College London Graded Piano Exams 

Since opening our doors 10 years ago, we have had 151 exam successes, and a 99.8% pass record!

Email And Phone Support

If you or your child is ever stuck with anything, you are at the end of the phone or an email.

Progress Certificates & Student Success Social Media Spotlight 

We send handwritten cards and certificates. Students have the opportunity to star on a social media spotlights!

Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

We would love to hear them! Please click below to contact us.

Exam Achievements

Here are photos of a few students who passed their piano exams!

Performance Opportunities

‘For Alfie, performing in the Hikari Arts show was not just the highlight of their  musical journey, but one of the highlights of their life’ – Studio Parent

What Our Students Say

I have been performing from a young age and have been interested in music for the same amount of time. I started having piano lessons alongside my voice lessons. I am now completing a Performing Arts course at Bath College and hope to go into a creative industry in which I can use the skills I have gained from my lessons. I have found working with Nina to be extremely helpful with not only my ability with both piano and voice but also my confidence levels as I have had lots of performance opportunities and help from Nina to find techniques that make performing easier for me.
Erin Fletcher
Piano and singing student from 2011-2018
Nina is a star! When I first came to her I explained that I struggled with chords and music theory. I found it hard to translate the music from my head to the keyboard.  For the past few months, we have worked on scales, chord progressions and finger positioning. After a few lessons, I feel I have greatly improved my understanding of the connection between scales and chords. Nina’s teaching style and conscientiousness have greatly helped me to be more creative with my compositions and also sped up my workflow.
Wave City Bay
Piano Student in 2018

Turbo Keys is our most popular program, so places are limited and we only have a few spaces remaining. Please contact us by clicking on the ‘learn more’ button below.

Your first introductory session with Nina is free of charge! I would love to meet you and answer all your questions.

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Would you like to give your child the opportunity of piano lessons? Please click below to contact us and help them fulfill their amazing potential.