Piano Lessons

In Swindon Town Centre
For 6-17 Year Olds

Are Piano Lessons A Long Term Investment?

Did you have piano lessons when you were a child? Perhaps you found practice boring, frustrating or repetitious? Or perhaps you gave up piano when you were younger and now you regret it? Or maybe you were having lessons with a strict lady out of their living room, and remember how much you disliked it?

These are all things we commonly hear from parents. And they have one thing in common. For one reason or another, piano lessons were not a long term investment. So how do you know they will be for your child? 

Hikari Arts students are happy and motivated to have lessons with us every week. How do we know? Because the students you see above have achieved their 100, 200 or even 300 lesson certificates! They’re in it for the long haul.

So what keeps our students excited to keep coming back? I would love to give you more details on our Turbo Keys Programme….

The Turbo Keys Piano Programme

  • Turbo Keys is a once a week piano programme for 6-17 year olds. 
  • The programme is designed to help students to move through their music books quickly and turbo speed their progress.
  • Because we help students to FEEL the music rather than THINK the music, children do not feel as though they are taking yet another boring academic subject. 
  • Students practice all of their piano music IN THE LESSON. So when they get home, they already know what they are doing. 
  • Lessons are based in a professional building located in the heart of Swindon Town Centre. Your child’s friends will think it’s cool that they come here!
  • No more issues with transport, parking or waiting around for your child to finish their lesson. Go for some shopping or a coffee in town until they’re finished!

So What's Included When You Join Hikari Arts?

YAY! Weekly Turbo Keys Lessons

This is the main way that students experience progress. Each week students learn all their music right there in the classroom. 

YAY! Hikari Arts Annual ‘Student Superstar Showcase’ 

Students have the opportunity to take part in our annual shows which are always a huge hit!

YAY! Trinity College London Graded Piano Exams 

All our students have the opportunity to take graded piano exams. Since opening our doors 11 years ago, we have had 151 exam successes, and a 99.8% pass rate!

YAY! Email And Phone Support

If you or your child is ever stuck with anything, you are at the end of the phone or an email.

YAY! Sibling Discount

Music has an incredible ability to bring families together and provides a great shared experience for siblings. Get a discount when more than one child joins.

YAY! Progress Certificates & Student Success Social Media Spotlight 

We send handwritten cards and progress certificates to each student when they pass a certain number of lesson, which we then highlight on our social media spotlights!

Would You Like To Chat To Us?

We would love to answer your questions! Please click below to contact us.

Graded Piano Exams

All our students are given the opportunity to take graded piano exams through Trinity College London. We are proud to have a 99.8% pass rate history, with students as young as 6 years old taking exams. Our students have such a sense of achievement when they pass their piano exams. We hear about them taking it to school to show their friends! And of course they get the spotlight for that week on our social media. Which means more applause from friends and relatives 🙂

Performance Opportunities

All of our students are given the opportunity to perform in our ‘Superstar Showcase’ annual event. Our students describe it as their favourite part of their piano journey experience. You can send a video of your child performing to friends and relatives! It makes an incredible memory for the families to remember for years to come.

‘For Alfie, performing in the Hikari Arts show was not just the highlight of their  musical journey, but one of the highlights of their life’ – Studio Parent

What Our Students Say

I have been performing from a young age and have been interested in music for the same amount of time. I started having piano lessons alongside my voice lessons. I am now completing a Performing Arts course at Bath College and hope to go into a creative industry in which I can use the skills I have gained from my lessons. I have found working with Nina to be extremely helpful with not only my ability with both piano and voice but also my confidence levels as I have had lots of performance opportunities and help from Nina to find techniques that make performing easier for me.
Erin Fletcher
Piano and singing student from 2011-2018
Nina is a star! When I first came to her I explained that I struggled with chords and music theory. I found it hard to translate the music from my head to the keyboard.  For the past few months, we have worked on scales, chord progressions and finger positioning. After a few lessons, I feel I have greatly improved my understanding of the connection between scales and chords. Nina’s teaching style and conscientiousness have greatly helped me to be more creative with my compositions and also sped up my workflow.
Wave City Bay
Piano Student in 2018

Would You Like To Join Us?

Our Turbo Keys Programme is by far our most popular programme at Hikari Arts, so places are limited. Please contact us as soon as possible by clicking the ‘learn more’ button below. We look forward to answering your questions.