About Us


Hikari Arts was founded over 10 years ago, with just a handful of students and a dream. Since then, more than 450 people have walked through our doors and become students with us! We are the only combined music and drama school based right in the centre of Swindon. Because of this, students and their parents enjoy ultimate convenience and stress free lessons.  

Our name

Hikari (光) is the Japanese word for 'light' or 'shine'. This reflects our belief that people shine when they are given permission to be themselves, do what they love, and are grow through creative opportunities.

Everyone welcome!

Our name 'Hikari' is a nod to our half owner Nina's Japanese ethnic roots. We are proud to be a school which actively welcomes students from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures. Our lessons are for everyone!

Christian ethos

Hikari Arts is proud to be founded upon Christian values and principles. Our name meaning 'light' is a reflection of verses found in the bible, such as this one: “I am the Light of the world. He that followeth Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” (John 8: 12)


Our school is based in the beautiful grade II listed Town Hall, in Swindon town centre.
The Town Hall is also home to ‘Swindon Dance‘, an inspirational not-for-profit dance organisation. Thanks to our unique connection with Swindon Dance, we have been able to make use of the superb facilities and incredible atmosphere that the building has to offer! Dance, music and drama lessons can all be found in one building here. Which means more options and convenience for our students. There is also a professional theatre which Hikari Arts students get to perform in once a year!

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