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For age 6-15 years

The Thing That Large Drama Schools Won't Tell You

Over the past 10 years, many parents have contacted me enquiring about drama lessons. Typically, their child would have participated in a large group drama class at their school, or at a local performing art school.

What I have noticed there are a few things that many of those parents say:

“Steph doesn’t want to do drama, singing and dance. She just wants to do drama!”

“All I saw Sarah do during her school production, was sing at the back and do a few actions. I barely saw her”

“Conor is a bit shy, and he gets lost in a large group of more confident kids”

The parent felt that their child was being lost in a sea of other children. 

So I was determined to build a drama program that gives every child a chance to shine

What is this program? I would love to tell you.


The Spotlight You Drama Program

The Spotlight You program is a once a week after school drama class designed specifically for children and teenagers age 6-15 years. In this program, students work with a blend of small group tuition (up to 4 people) and 1-1 instruction from the teacher.

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What Will The Program Involve?

Weekly Unique You Classes

This is the main way that students experience progress. Each week students learn new skills such as group and solo performance skills, working with a scripts, devised theatre and characterization. Unlike most large performing arts schools, we focus solely on drama, and the skills needed to be an effective performer.

Termly ‘Superstar Spotlight’ Performances

Because we believe that every student deserves their own time in the spotlight, our students have the opportunity to perform at the end of every term! Friends and family are invited to come and see the progress made. These ‘informal’ performance opportunities help students to build confidence and skills, in front of a smaller, supportive audience.

Hikari Arts Annual ‘Student Superstar Showcase’

The Unique You drama students are invited to perform in a professional theatre during our Student Superstar Showcase! Current families have commented that is one of the most exciting aspects of our program!

Email and phone support

If you or your child is ever stuck with anything, you will not be left on your own. We are at the end of the phone or an email, whenever you need us. Just reach out 🙂

Progress Certificates & Social Media Spotlight

We love for students to get the credit they deserve when they work hard and do so well! So we send handwritten cards and certificates to students when they complete their books or a certain number of lessons with us!
Then they get to star on the Hikari Arts Social Media Spotlight posts just for them!
Here are a few of our current students who have received certificates and spotlights:

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How One Of Our Student Got Into Performing Arts School At The Age Of 12!

Dino attended lessons at Hikari Arts from 2014 to 2015. He worked with Nina on perfecting his acting and musical theatre pieces, so he could be audition ready.  Dino’s hard work paid off, when he successfully auditioned for Tring Performing Arts school, where he was offered one of only two scholarships! 

Dino is now studying at E-15 Acting School on the BA Hons program. 

Dino's Audition piece

Watch a run through of the drama audition piece which got Dino in to Tring Park!

"After having danced at Swindon Dance for many years Dino (aged 12 at the time) decided that he would like to audition to study full-time at Tring Park School for the Perfoming Arts for the Theatre Arts Course. Nina was a great teacher and sat down with him to find out what sort of song and monologues he would like to do. He sailed through the 1st Audition and was invited back to audition for a Scholarship. Nina was an inspirational teacher giving encouragement throughout the lessons. Dino was offered one of only two scholarships available! I have no doubt that without Nina’s help he would not have achieved the Scholarship and would like to say a really BIG Thank You to Nina and Hikari Arts".
Drama lessons for children
Clare Fantini-Stephens (Dino's mum)

Performance Achievements

Here a few videos of students performing in our annual ‘Student Superstar Showcases’.
One parent commented that their child performing in the Hikari Arts show was 

‘Not just the highlight of my child’s musical journey, but one of the highlights of their life’

What Our Students Say

"I've been very lucky to have been given some great opportunities to work and act alongside some incredible actors. Nina has really been a dream to work with. I came into this business with barely any acting experience and I was very determined on improving and working on my craft. Nina's lessons have really opened my eyes and taught me so much. One of the most valuable things I've learnt is through the expression of not just dialogue, but through our bodies."
Tommy Hatto
Drama student from 2016-2017
"Since finishing lessons I have taught children drama and dance in Los Angeles and been a character performer at Nickelodeon Land in Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The lessons gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams, the skills to manage auditions, approach casting directors, and identify how to use my strengths and weaknesses to the best of my ability. Without Nina’s wonderful positivity, extensive knowledge, and passion for her business I would not be where I am today. Thank you very much Nina!"
Sarah Latimer
Student in 2015

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